Corinne Bizzle is an abstract artist whose adoration for art has been driven by her creative family for generations. 

Corinne continues to push her boundaries and inspire others with her bold choices of color, placement, and line. Her paintings involve layering techniques using mixed media to invoke curiosity for the viewer. Additionally, Corinne works with charcoal and acrylic to create abstract figure drawings.


In 2018, she completed not one but two large murals in the popular Dallas community, Uptown. Her emphasis on mass and movement captures the rhythms of life through each stroke and can now be enjoyed throughout the community through the power of public art. 

Her work can be found in various Dallas / Fort Worth locations and has been showcased in New York City. 

 The Native Texan was born and raised in Dallas were she currently resides with her husband (Michael) and two rescue fur babies (Lilly and Penny). 

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